If this blog is a window to my life, I’m wanting to throw the curtains wide open and wave to any who may want to gape in.  I suppose that would be fine if I lived alone or if I lived with others who were equally bold and excited about their simple lives.  Neither one of those scenarios is true for me.  I’m blessed to live with a wonderful husband and two fantastic sons.  My life is so entwined with theirs that to throw open the curtains on what I’m doing or thinking is the same as making their lives public domain.  If this blog is a window on our lives together, they want the curtains drawn firmly shut, thank you very much.  Since those nearest and dearest mean more to me than any past time ever could, I have decided to accommodate them.  They will be able to live freely and happily without any fear that what they say or do might show up somewhere where others might find out about it.  I will live freely and happily writing notes to myself and building photo albums that only I will look at.  The important part is that we’ll all live together freely and happily.  So if you’re gaping in, see me closing the curtains as I wave good-bye to you.