My firstborn.  How many firsts have you shared with me?  Too many to count and as old as you get, the firsts don’t stop happening.

Early this morning, you washed, dried and put away dishes before school for the first time as a consequence for your untidiness.  You were unhappy about it.  Definitely not a first.  I stood, arms crossed, making sure the consequence was completed as required.  Also not a first.  You grinned at me and I grinned back, not for the first time and probably not for the last time either.

Later this morning, your smile sported some new hardware for the first time.  And later in the day for the first time that winning smile caused you a lot of pain.  Braces aren’t fun, especially at first but as always you manage admirably.

Tonight you went out and completed your first fitness test with Air Cadets.  You didn’t score first in all the events but you did in some and your attitude was nothing short of first-rate considering how much your teeth were hurting you and that you had homework awaiting you at home.

Now you’re attempting to brush your train tracked teeth for the first time.  It’s a lengthy process but you’re committed to doing it correctly and faithfully.

Oh my firstborn.  You think I enjoy it when things are difficult for you.  You think I’m laughing at you when first and foremost I’m smiling because I’m proud of you and so very glad that you were given to me.  You will always be my first and to my last breath I will treasure you and rejoice in all the firsts, seconds, hundredths and everything in between that we’re given.