Writing – most people don’t like to do very much of it.  I am not most people.  I really enjoy writing and do it almost every day.  Sometimes my musings show up on this blog, other times they’re entered in my nature journal.  There is the odd occasion where I even write to work through frustration, sadness or disappointment.  As great as all this writing is, it’s often very one-sided.  Well, if you don’t like something, change it, right?  I thought it would be cool to hear back regarding what I’d written so I went looking for penpals.  Through a freebie membership on Global Penfriends, I’ve found two people like me who like to write – Claudia in Basel, Switzerland and Jacky in Modena, Italy.  We exchange e-mails because that’s fast and easy but we also write each other snail mail letters because it’s fun to get something handwritten and personal in our mailboxes.

Here’s my first letter from Switzerland:

What fun to hear what Claudia’s life is like in a place as foreign to me as Switzerland.  Canada is just as foreign to her so she’s very interested in plying me with questions.  We’re ordinary women living ordinary lives who may never meet and yet we can build a friendship based on words.  Writing – I’m so glad there are other people out there who like it as much as I do.