I like shopping.  I really do.  So I was happy to go out last night while the boys were at Air Cadets and try to find colourful dishes for D and P.  (I went over the plan with DA previously and he smiled, then laughed and gave me the thumbs up and his full support for it.)  Orillia is a small town so there are only a few stores open late on a Tuesday night.  I decided to hit up Zeller’s.  They’re carrying the official winter olympic gear so I was hopeful that they might have some Vancouver 2010 plates and glasses available.  No such luck.  What they did have were some pretty Corelle dinnerwear pieces that you could buy individually.  I wasn’t too interested in pretty frou frou dishes.  I don’t think D and P would be either.

Right next to Zeller’s is Canadian Tire.  I figured that’s more a man’s store so maybe I’d have some luck there.  Look what I found:

These funky vintage style Kellogg’s plates are microwave and dishwasher safe and they were marked down 50%.  I knew D and P would like them.  I also knew they’d go for these frosty mugs for cold drinks.  Mugs with technology built into them are a hit with boys.  I only wish they had matching bowls and cutlery for these cool plates.  No such luck.

I don’t often bring a Canadian Tire bag home with me so D and P were curious as to its contents.  They reacted exactly as I predicted when I pulled out my findings.  D lunged for the Smacks plate and lime green mug and P happily snatched at the Frosted Flakes plate and red mug.  I should have broken out into a loud “Bwa ha ha ha” then because little do they know that these gifts are all part of my diabolical plan to get them to do what I want them to do.  I didn’t.  I held it in.  I’ll save my insane laughter for when the plan actually works.

Today after work I found the rest of their kits at various Dollar Stores and the Bargain Shop.

D will use the lime green stuff and P will get the red and blue things.  I even managed to empty out a cupboard to make room for their new gear.  The plan is coming together.

As for rung one, we had our first infraction and floor scrubbing this aft.  There were no arguments.  The evidence was clearly in my favour.  I think I may put the rung two plan in writing and have us all sign it so that we’re all clear as to what is expected and what the consequences will be for failing to meet those expectations.  I’m so excited.  Imagine a house with no stray dishes with day old BBQ sauce stuck to them.  Imagine rooms that aren’t littered with cups with curdled milk in them.  Imagine launching sons into the world that actually know how to clean up after themselves.  Imagining it is good; making it happen will be even better.