I have lived roughly one third of my life with two very healthy, active boys.  Hanging with these two at a resort I knew that my time there wouldn’t be about getting manicures and going shopping.  Doing time with my guys involves action – lots of it.

At 13 and 12, D and P are eating machines.  They need fuel for the ants in their pants.  We ate one time at the restaurant at the resort.  It was kind of pricey but this particular breakfast was all you could eat for one reasonable price.  We definitely ate our money’s worth.  D snapped this lovely pic of me.  I’m looking a little droopy eyed but that could be because I was working on my second giant plate of heavy duty food.  Or it could be because it took us almost eight hours to get to the St. Hippolyte and I don’t always sleep that well my first night away from home.

The rest of the time we used the kitchen in our condo to drum up meals.  P ate a lot of bologna and being a boy couldn’t help playing with his food and hamming it up for the camera.

Eating well gave us a lot of energy for skating on the lake.

Here we are showing off our incredible technique.  You can’t see it in any of these pictures but there was a small fireplace on a skid in the middle of the skating rink.  It was cool to go skating in the winter and have it smell like camping in the summer.

When we got tired of the cold, we went to the activity room where there was usually something to do.  D and P had a great time shooting some pool and I had fun running around the pool table to shoot pictures of them.

Every afternoon, the resort staff had activities planned.  D and P were interested in kicking butt in the Wii tournament.  They ended up being too strong a team and got separated and paired up with some of the younger boys.

The pool was a hit with the guys.  I tried to swim a bit.  Boys don’t swim.  They cannonball and whip balls at each other and see who can stay underwater the longest.

When the D and P did get tired, we spent some glorious time marinating in the hot tub followed by some relaxation time  in the sauna.

I managed to convince D to do some hiking in the Laurentians with me.  We veered off the beaten path to try to get to the top of a bluff.  D made it by swinging himself from tree to tree.  I only made it part way.  I couldn’t hold my camera and use my arms to pull myself up at the same time.  It doesn’t show in the pictures, but the way up was glare ice.

I still had a pretty far reaching view from where I made it to.

D’s clever way to get down was to slide on his jacket.  I ended up doing the same thing.  The path we forged was insanely slippery.

P and I hiked an easier trail the following day to a place called Belvedere Lookout.  There’s nothing separating you from a huge drop here.  P and I didn’t venture too close to the edge.

Here’s the view.  Those buildings are part of the resort.

This is what they look like closer up.  The long lodge like building on the bottom is one of the original buildings on the resort.  We stayed in one of those units.  The colourful building higher up is one of the newer places to stay.  I got to see the inside of one of the units and was very impressed.

This is what our condo looked like – rustic but comfortable.

D and P were excited to try cross country skiing.  It turned out to be harder than they thought it would be.  They had some dramatic falls that I hate to say had me in stitches.  They got up, though, brushed themselves off and tried, tried again.  I followed behind on snow shoes so that my hands would be free to snap photos.

These pics were just for fun.  We had been hearing about the American skier Lindsay Vonn and saw her pose on the front of Sports Illustrated.  D and P are mimicking her form.

We wouldn’t be truly Canadian if we didn’t throw some hockey into our vacation.  The boys were very happy to borrow these sticks and net to play Canada’s favourite game.  I was happy that they let me be a spectator.

Last but not least of our vacation pics is P after his big win.  You could borrow games from the activity room and D and P thought Texas Hold ‘Em looked like fun.  It didn’t take P long to outwit his brother and take home all the cash.  He was pretty happy with that outcome.

What’s missing in our photos is DA.  We did see him while at the resort but not that much.  He had to work long days and when he came back to the condo, he ate and crashed.  We could have taken some fun pics of him snoring on the couch but we’re a nice family so we went easy on him.

That’s it.  That’s what relaxing with the boys looks like.  And this is what mom looks like when her boys are happy.