The bad news is DA has to work this weekend out of town.  That means that he won’t be here for Valentine’s Day or Family Day.

The good news is the boys and I have been invited to go along on this business trip.

The best news is that I got the time off from work so going is doable.

Lord willing, we will leave on Thursday after I’m done delivering, travel for about five and a half hours and then spend the next five days in a resort in St. Hippolyte, Quebec.  Did you see that number?  Five whole days in a resort!  Apparently, we’ll have a condo with a hot tub in it and have access to all the resort amenities.  I think spending Valentine’s Day with the love of my life in a lux joint like this is going to make up for a lot of those more lonely, pathetic Valentine’s Days.  I’m totally pumped to be pampered!