There’s a quote by Mary Engelbreit that I really like.  It goes like this:  If you don’t like something change it; if you can’t change it, change the way you think about it. There are things in my home that I don’t like so I’m working towards changing them.

Here’s the before picture of our entrance way bathroom.  I had originally painted the walls brown and hung up a lot of silver plates on the wall.  I hadn’t done that great a paint job and those silver plates had a nasty way of crashing down at the most inconvenient times.  The long and the short of it was that I wasn’t liking this bathroom.  Since I already had brown paint leftover from P’s bedroom makeover, I decided to give this room a bit of a makeunder.  First the walls needed some repair and secondly the toilet tank had to come off this time around so that I could paint behind it.  (That’s a pretty easy job, if you’re wondering.)  I wanted this bathroom to be a little more simply decorated than it had been.  Here’s what it looks like after some sweat and thought:

I used my paper route money to buy a Group of Seven print that I really liked and used what I had from other rooms in our house to put together the floral arrangement.  It didn’t cost me that much and now this room that was driving me nuts is making me smile.  That’s so worth the effort!

My mantel also got a bit of a makeunder.  It had a lot of stuff piled on there for Christmas.  Now it’s looking much more tailored.

My hubby is reading “The Five Love Languages” and is getting good at speaking mine.  The tulips he had bought me expired and while I was at work, he went out and got me these gorgeous red ones.  What a lovely surprise!  Don’t they just sing in this room?  I feel so loved!

I couldn’t resist taking a lot of pictures of that gorgeous red.

The couch got an extra pillow and the console table behind it got some stuff that used to be in other rooms in our home.

The window sill got a couple of new balls added to it.

Useless but oh so pretty.  They make me happy to look at so I think they were worth the little bit of money I spent on them.

I’m so happy I read that quote.  It’s true.  There’s a lot we can do to change what we don’t like.  It requires effort and sometimes it means some expense but it’s wonderful to be surrounded on every side by things you actually like.  I think so anyways.