I’ve been putting my camera to good use lately, snapping wildly and often to everyone’s annoyance at family functions.  The pictures are personal and will make for good memories but they aren’t the sort of shots that get me excited.  What I really like to do is take artsy shots.  You know, those sort of pictures that are useless really but look ever so pretty.

I coaxed DA to come outside with me to try to find anything photo worthy.  It was tough.  We have snow here but it’s crept above the freezing mark and a lot of it has melted.  The world around me looks more weary than anything else.

We did manage to spot some beauty in the trees.

I like the randomness of branches.  No doubt many a modern art piece has been inspired by winter tree limbs.

This crazy shot, a super close up of frozen water droplets on the end of pine needles, is one of my favourites.  I think something like this would make a fabulous large size painting.  It’s funny to me how drab the world looks in its winter garb until you look at in photos.  Then you see all these beautiful yellows and mauves and greens and it’s subtly striking.

At first glance the trees looked rather plain but a closer inspection showed that they were sporting winter’s version of jewellery.  Aren’t those tiny “diamonds” quietly stunning?

There is no purpose to any of these photos.  I took them just because I like to focus in on beauty.  I marvel that it’s all around me and yet so easily missed if one doesn’t intentionally look for it.  Had anyone told me winter is actually quite a colourful season, I would have scoffed but looking at the few pictures I took today, I’m seeing the prettiest of hues and smiling at how unexpected that is.