Not everyone is as lucky as I am to have so many agreeable men in their lives.

This is DA’s grandpa.  He used to be a professional photographer so I had to show him my new baby.  He was wonderfully indifferent when I started snapping pics of him while he talked to his grandson.  If only everyone was that easy!

Here’s DA.  He normally cringes when he sees me pointing the camera his way but he didn’t fuss during our visit with Grandpa.  For once, I got some shots of him relaxed.  Usually his anxiety about being in photos really shows up.  The relaxed shots are SO much better.

My dad’s a good guy to take pictures of.  He doesn’t ask to be in any shots but he doesn’t try to avoid the camera either.  He was enjoying dinner with his children and grandchildren in this photo.  I like how happy he looks.

My father-in-law is a good sport when it comes to my photography experiments.  I don’t think he really likes having his picture taken but he’s wonderfully cooperative when his daughter-in-law is the one holding the camera.  This is one of my favourite shots of him.

I’d like to follow this entry up at some point with the women in my life but that’s REALLY going to be a challenge.  The gals don’t like having their pictures taken and at least one of them truly isn’t photogenic.  For now, I’ll rejoice in the successes with the guys.