It’s been snowing steadily almost all day.  D and P were over the top joyful to have their first snow day of the year.  I listened to the warnings on the radio, took one look out the window at all the white blowing around and decided it wasn’t worth it to risk my life to deliver a few newspapers.  It was DA’s regular day off so we were one medium sized happy snowed in family today.

The snow let up a bit at different times during the day so I snapped a few pretty pics.

I also snapped a few of the boys though they weren’t too happy about it.

D tried hard to block this one by waving something in front of his face.  I thought it made for a cool shot.

D took this one of himself.  He’s quite talented.

P looked so cute out there with his Santa hat on.  I gave them a tip.  I told them to build their fort with snow from the driveway.  That way they could get paid for shoveling and have enough snow for a decent addition to their previous fort.  D actually was climbing inside this monstrosity before I put a stop to it.  There’s a lot of snow above that hole and if it were to come crashing down it would be bye bye D.  I can’t believe I still have to tell them stuff like that but every year it’s the same.  Boys just seem to think they’re invincible and that nothing will ever happen to them no matter how stupidly they behave.  It’s scary sometimes.  It’s a good thing they’re trained to obey.  They dug more wisely after mom’s motivational speech.

Amazingly, it’s started snowing again.  D just informed that the local farmers have gotten to our little dead end road.  They do such a good job of digging us out.  Different neighbours pay them to clear their driveways but they go above and beyond and do the road too since the plows don’t get here very quickly.  Looks like we’ll be back on the routes again tomorrow.