Christmas is a holiday where we are supposed to think about the greatest gift of all, God’s son to a sin-sick world.  In an effort to do that, I’ve started using the Jesse tree tags I drew up last year.

Each night after dinner, I pull out a tag, read an appropriate portion of Scripture and then talk about Jesus.  The tag pictures depict stuff from the Old Testament where God’s people eagerly awaited the coming Messiah.  Some wise person once said that the Old Testament is the New Testament concealed and the New Testament is the Old Testament revealed.  Very true.  There are lots of types and shadows and of course prophecies in the first part of the Bible that point the way to the Lord Jesus.  Those are the sorts of things we’re considering.

My tree is simply some branches taken from outside and propped up in a vase with leftover ornaments.  The hand drawn tags look so pretty on the twigs.

I also put out a creche to remind us what we’re really celebrating this time of year.  DA obviously thought the stable needed a few more visitors.

I had to laugh.  Then again, Jesus came for everyone, even the Eeyores and the Crusty the Clown types.  Maybe the two extras should stay put to remind me of that.  The idea is certainly there in the Christmas story.