I have this nifty new camera that I’m gung ho to practice with but no one in my family wants their photo taken.  What’s a girl to do?  Ask the neighbours if I can practice on them, that’s what.

Meet RL, a colourful character who LOVES to pose for the camera.  I had so much fun with this willing subject.

She strummed her guitar pillow with gusto for me

and finished her performance with a bold pose.

She had no problems donning a hat

or braving the elements for me.  The umbrella was her idea.  Love it!

She moved all over her multi-hued room for me.

When I was stumbling around for fresh ideas, she wasn’t.  She asked for this shot with the lipstick.

Now meet B, RL’s good friend.

She’s a happy lass who jumped at the chance to wear RL’s hot pink boa.

She didn’t mind putting on a hat for me either

or showing me her teenage crush.

She was so cute outside with the umbrella.

You know what the best part of this story is?  The girls had such a blast with this photo shoot that they’ve invited me back again next weekend for another one.  We’ve got some big ideas brewing for take # 2.  Oh…just for the record…I had a blast too and wouldn’t miss a chance for another session with these two.