I took my new camera outside yesterday, not because it was especially pretty out, but because the weather was reasonably warm and I wanted to practice with it.

What was green and verdant in July is now brown and not very picturesque.  November is not the best month to buy a new camera if you like taking nature shots.

The most interesting thing I found to shoot were these Goldenrod galls.

I didn’t know what they were initially.  My super smart husband informed me that they’re insect galls.  Together we found out that the gall I photographed is home to a Goldenrod fly larva.  Apparently the larva digs an escape tunnel in late fall or early winter so that it can emerge as an adult fly in the spring.  I will have to go back and see if any of the galls in the swampy part behind our house have tiny holes in them.  I’ve seen these things often but never realized that a miracle of nature was happening inside them.  Those little larva freeze over winter and yet transform into adulthood come spring.  How interesting.

It was so sunny and calm on Sunday, the shadows were mirror images in the flooded parts of the woods.

Shadows have a way of catching my eye.

Someone had plucked this lovely mushroom exposing its gorgeous gills (or lamellae if you really want to get technical).

There’s so little that really grabs my attention this time of year that I really have to look hard for stuff to photograph.  I’m not complaining about that.  The very act of looking for beauty where it’s not immediately evident is a good exercise in itself.  I always come away better for it.