We are slowly progressing putting P’s bedroom together again.  On Thursday, DA laboured alone cutting and fitting the trim.  He did his best to clean up after his work but was a bit pressed for time so it still needed a fair bit of doing when I got home from work.  Tired as I was, I was eager to get at it.  I had a willing helper in P.  We vacuumed and scrubbed and then set about reassembling his bed.  P ran out of steam before I did but even my enthusiasm couldn’t keep me going.  Turns out I’m fighting some sort of bug that has sapped me of my strength.  Still, we are making progress.  Here’s the part of the room that could be photographed:

The boy now has a bed, a desk, a bedside “table” , a lamp and some hockey wall art to adorn his room.  There’s a partly assembled fish tank by his bed that will one day hold his pet snake.  He’s diligently saving for it and at the current rate it will only be a few more weeks before he can afford a ball python.  I’m not overly thrilled about it but it should fit in nicely in this very masculine looking bedroom.  As long as snakey stays in the very masculine looking bedroom, this mom should live to see this project finished.