I’ve been wanting to experiment with my new camera but it’s been difficult.  There are always more pressing things to do and the people I most want to immortalize are not exactly lining up for the process.  A couple of days ago, in a rare moment of quiet, I decided to try and capture some of my Christmas angels.  Indoor lighting has traditionally been a challenge for me.  There never seems to be enough of it to get good quality shots.

She’s so pretty I felt that she deserved a Piknik frame.  I’ve decided to go with red as my predominant colour this year and this angel certainly is red.

Here she is a little closer up with a slightly less bluish cast.  I’m still finding it difficult to get crisp shots in low light.  There is a way; I just haven’t stumbled on it yet.  As for the colours, it’s kind of nice to have a camera that can adjust them.  Emphasizing blue or gold in a shot can really change the feel of the picture.

I overexposed this shot but it gives this white angel a kind of dreamy feel.

I also took some shots of my fireplace mantel which is loaded with pretty things.  I really like these little birdies but I was a little off in my focus again.

I also like to add some height to my display.  These candlesticks do the job nicely.  It’s all very traditional in my living room but it seems to suit the feel of the place.  Again, the low lighting proved tricky and the shot didn’t quite turn out the way I had hoped it would.

I had to wait four hours yesterday while my van got some much needed work done on it.  Even though I had just spent three hours pounding the sidewalks delivering papers, I decided to spend some of the time going for a walk.  I wound up at Home Hardware and found these pretty red star napkin rings in their bargain section.  They found a place in my heart and will grace our Christmas table this year.  I feel that I got the focus better in this shot.

I can’t ever take just one shot of anything.  That’s the beauty of having a digital camera.  You can go snap happy until you get a shot you’re happy with.  Again, I was pleased with the improved focus in this photo.  Practice makes perfect.

This decidedly different shot was taken by D.  He just couldn’t resist all the buttons on my new baby and pressed away.  I don’t know why, but there’s something about it that I really like.  Maybe I need to let him experiment a little more.

That’s it for now.  Hopefully, I’ll get outside sometime soon and find something I want to take a picture of.  It’s pretty challenging this time of year when everything is brown and dead looking.  Ah well, I trust it won’t be brown for much longer.  Sooner or later God will get his white paintbrush out and I’ll see how the Nikon d3000 likes that.