For many years, I bought or received candles and used them to decorate my home but never lit them.  It’s kind of silly.  Candles are designed to be lit.  Their purpose is to shine.


I’m now starting to light some of those candles and am enjoying watching them do what they were made to do.  They eventually burn out but they give me such pleasure before they do.


It made me think of myself.  I too am designed to shine and when I do I give my Maker great pleasure.  This red candle only blessed me with it’s spectacular melting patterns but what a show!  My little light may not bless many but maybe if it blesses even one it’s worth it.


This candle was most beautiful when it got dark.  Those rays of light are what made me want to take pictures of it.  So too when circumstances are darkest, the light of Christ within is most evidently beautiful.  It’s in those dark times that people take notice and look with wonder.  Or at least they should.  Shine, Jesus, shine.