Halloween is not my favourite time of year.  I let the boys go out last year because my husband came on board and convinced me it was just for fun.  Of course, D and P loved it.

This year, they weren’t sure they were going to go out or not.  It really depended on what their school friends were doing.  Seems to me that their school friends weren’t terribly decisive either because, though I kept asking, I never got clear answers.

Just this morning P decided he wasn’t going to go.  He’d stay home with D (who had already decided he was too old for trick or treating).  Well, his friend called late this afternoon and suddenly P was going out and needed a costume.  He needed one fast.  He wanted to be a zombie because that would be easy.  Easy for who I don’t know.  I pulled out last year’s vampire make-up and blood, looked to the internet for some inspiration and did the best I could.


I’m no make-up artist and five minutes isn’t a whole lot of time to do something amazing.  Fortunately, my son is easy to please.