The boys brought home a book from school last week and casually tossed it on the living room ottoman.  When I asked them about it, they told me some guy had come to the school and given the books out freely.  They informed me that it was about child abuse.

The boys showed no interest in reading the book themselves so I picked it up and read it cover to cover in two sittings.  It’s the true story of Maury Blair who as a child was unwanted, unloved and horribly beaten.  You would think that Mr. Blair would have written his memories out in angry tones but he didn’t.  You see, Maury Blair met God when he was a young man and his life was totally transformed.  He found the love and acceptance he craved as a child in Jesus Christ and went on to use his own history of abuse as a starting point for helping troubled youth.  He is now the director of Toronto Teen Challenge and Break-Through Ministries.

It’s also the story of Alice, Maury’s mother, who showed great promise of being an amazing evangelist as a young woman.  She got sidetracked with a relationship and from there made one bad choice after another.  Rather than confess her sins and deal with them, she chose to run from them and live a life of lies.  She ends her life exhausted and defeated, never able to leave her haunting past behind even though Maury shares with her God’s love and forgiveness.

I was amazed that this book was handed out in a public school setting.  Maury Blair clearly shares his salvation experience and for the remainder of the book gives all the credit to God for his transformed life.  It was a compelling read and I hope and pray that some of the other students who received a copy show more interest in reading it than D and P do at present.  Who knows what further good God can bring through this “child of woe”?