Quiet.  I love it and seek it out.  Today’s desire for peaceful reflection drove me back to the Orillia Fish and Game Conservancy.  I knew that there was at least one trail there that I hadn’t explored yet.


Happily, I didn’t encounter any bees.  What I did find was a trail riddled with adorable homemade signs (like the one above) alerting me to various wildflowers and tree species.  I already plan to do this trail again in late spring or early summer.  I love wildflowers and trees but can only definitely identify a handful of either.  I’m up for learning the names of some of these fascinating plants I spot.


The trail had various paths branching off of it leading to marsh lookout points.  Each place had a certain beauty about it.


I’m really growing fond of my own shadow.  That’s good because it goes with me wherever I go!


Something about the way these leaf droppings floated on the water made me think of swirls on a modern art painting.  If I ever try painting, this photo may inspire me.  There’s something about the colours and the movement that I find pretty.

I actually spent a few hours meandering today.  I’m astounded at that.  It didn’t seem like I was there that long.  This isn’t what a lot of people would call fun (I invited D and P to come along knowing that they would say “no thanks”) but it must be fun for me because I keep going back and time just flies when I’m there.