I was transported back in time today to my second year at university.  I was living off campus with a few friends about a forty-five minute walk  from school.  I did that walk faithfully five days a week in all kinds of weather.  I can remember many a class where I took notes soaking wet, a steady puddle of water pooling beside my seat as forty-five minutes worth of rain or snow tried to escape my clothing.  What most amazed me about that year was that I didn’t get sick once.  Up until then, I was prone to cold after cold, followed by sinus infections and usually an annual flu.  My room mates and I pretty much lived on canned soup and white bread (the cheapest kind), so I can’t really say that my incredibly healthy diet strengthened me.  I think I became heartier that year having to do that forty-five minute trudge twice a day, day in and day out, in all kinds of weather.

I thought about that today because I delivered a  lot of newspapers in not so nice weather.  For the last few routes I was wet, very wet.  I could have gotten all upset about it but what good would that have done?  Instead, I thought back to that extremely healthy year I had and all the healthy years I’ve had since then.  Being outside, braving the elements, getting exercise, it’s done me good.  I’m stronger than I used to be.  The thought didn’t quite get me singing in the rain but it did help me to push on and push through and get the job done.

Trials don’t have to bring me down.  With the right attitude they can make me better than I was before.  I need to exercise this way of thinking.  Today it rained.  Tomorrow it might snow.