They showed up en masse today, little drops of red and orange in a world that’s growing more brown by the day.


I thought it would be cool if they congregated somewhere but they didn’t seem to think like me.  They were quite happy to walk their separate ways on the back of our home.  Hundreds of them.

Have you ever noticed how ladybugs like to walk on the edge of things?  Try taking pictures of them and you’ll notice.  I took a lot of pictures of these pretty little visitors but most of them were blurry and uninspiring.  Big sigh.  I think a macro lens would have come in handy today.  Oh well.  They’ll be back.  They come every October when the weather turns a little nice.  It’s like they know that soon the snow will fly and that they must try to find someplace warmer to spend the winter.  They’re thinking our home is a good vacation spot.  They’re wrong.  All the ladybugs that made it in last year sunned themselves to death on our bay window.  It’s like they didn’t realize that too much of a good thing would lead to their demise.  I guess if it’s your time to go, drying up and falling off a bay window with a good view is as good a way as any.


So tiny.  So pretty.  So hard to photograph.  I gave up after about forty snaps or so.  A few other bugs stopped by too and hung around even when I approached with my camera and held it about one centimetre over them.


This beautiful wasp was slower than molasses.  That really made photographing him a pleasure.  He didn’t try to run away to an edge like some other tiny, pretty bugs I was trying to immortalize.


This insect didn’t move at all.   No bay window needed I guess.

I really need to learn more about these faithful callers.  They’re truly extraordinary if you take the time to look at them.  Such vibrant colours.  Such interesting habits.  The artistry of their bodies is amazing.  And they like our home!  Three cheers for Ladybug Day!