I came home from church in conflict.  It had nothing to do with the sermon, though it was a good one and definitely something to think more upon.  No.  I was in conflict because there are a lot of little jobs that need doing around the house but it was also a perfect Fall day.  A part of me wanted to get caught up on housework and the rest of me wanted to blow some time walking in the woods taking pictures.  I tend to get less productive as the day goes on so opting to enjoy nature in the afternoon would mean that a lot fewer mundane jobs would get done.  On the other hand, perfect Fall days don’t come along every day.  The pictures showed which side won out.





I drove out to the Fish and Game Conservancy in Orillia and walked some of the trails there.  The woods were quietly dreamy and there were observation spots where you could see things like your shadow and even some swans.

Was it a good choice?  It seemed like it at the time but now that I’m faced with this messy house again I’m beginning to reconsider.  Big sigh.