I have been a homeowner for many years now and have done many joyful renovation projects.  Some of them have turned out better than others.  I’m the sort of person who gets an idea in my head and then runs with it on the cheapest budget possible.  This is challenging and fun but it doesn’t always produce the greatest results.

I feel like I’m now stepping back and starting where I should have years ago.  I’m looking through decorating magazines and blogs and studying the rooms I like and dislike and trying to figure out why one resonates with me and another doesn’t.  Design-wise I’m pulled in all sorts of directions.  I realize that I don’t really definitively know what I like.  I have started cutting out pictures of rooms that I think have “wow” factor and putting them in a folder and really looking at them carefully.  If I can figure out why I like them, it will help me put together rooms that make me happy.

I want to move from buying things because I need them and they’re a good price to buying things because I love them and will make them work anywhere I go.   I think in the long run this will be less expensive.  Buying better quality pieces that are “me” is an investment for life.  I don’t know why this is even so important to me.  I just know that when I sit in a room that is “right” I feel great and when I’m in a room that isn’t, I’m bothered.  It’s kind of exciting to finally begin at the starting point and maybe get it together more than I have in the past.  I’m looking forward to gorgeous rooms that I can live with in my future.