It’s DA’s birthday tomorrow.  Since he works on Saturdays, we decided to celebrate it today on his day off.  My contribution to the celebration was to make a cake.  I had in mind a cake I wanted to TRY to make but I wasn’t too sure I wanted to share my creation with the rest of DA’s family.  Check it out.  I found this cake tin at a garage sale this past summer for change:


DA and I grew up watching Sesame Street and we often laugh at how much DA resembles Bert.  We’ve watched a few early clips of the show and chuckled because Bert does things the way DA would.  When I saw the Bert and Ernie tin up for sale, I knew I had to snatch it for his birthday.  Making the cake was simple, decorating it was anything but.


I don’t think I’ll become a cake decorator anytime soon.  Poor Ernie and Bert!  They both look like they have major skin problems.  Then there are Ernie’s lips.  I tried to outline them using a red Scribbler and the red totally ran.  Ernie looked like he was trying out to play the part of the Joker on Batman.  Though I can’t say this cake was a smashing success artistically, I can say that I laughed a lot trying to ice it and that DA loved it.


Here’s a blurry image of the birthday boy (my camera couldn’t handle the low light) holding the gift the boys handpicked for him.  DA likes his beer so they thought a big beer bottle shaped coin bank with some beer money already in it would make a great gift.  DA loved that too.

I got him a good pair of walking shoes so he can hike off all the cake we ate and all the beer he will drink.  Happy Birthday DA!