Uncle G rented a cottage for the long weekend and invited the family there for Thanksgiving dinner.  I’ve been to this cottage before.  It’s a tiny, cute place with an incredible view of Lake Simcoe behind it.  From the time I got there, I was hoping to get family members on the beach for some silhouette shots with the water and horizon in the background.  No one else seemed to share my enthusiasm for this project.

It was windy and cold yesterday but we didn’t manage a walk outdoors before feasting on turkey and Moldovan specialties.  When we got back from our walk, the sun was setting and I knew I didn’t have much time to get the shots I was hoping to get.  I didn’t even bother trying to get anyone to go to the beach.  I thought that just getting someone out on the back deck might suffice.  I managed to coax my in-laws into venturing out and meeting my demands for a “romantic shot”.  I thought these two were sweet.


I also thought these ones of my sweetie had merit.


We came across a sign pointing us to a rope bridge on our walk so I said, “Hey, let’s check that out!” and marched on ahead expecting everyone to follow.  They graciously did and even let me snap a few pictures of them.


Our walk also led us to a little park where I asked DA to sit on the bench so I could get him in a pic.  He’s so cooperative.


Of course, I had to take shots from all angles which had DA’s dad laughing a bit.


And then there’s this shot.  After our quick march of a walk, hor d’ouevres and dinner, DA settled nicely into that loveseat with a beer in his hand and a contented look on his face.  That was the place he wanted to be.


Though the day was blustery and nippy, it ended with a lovely orange sunset that just begged to be photographed.  Of course, I was there to meet its demands.