Happiness is…

…a stroll through a cemetery and then a leisurely walk through the woods with the person you love hiking alongside you.

DA and I decided on a whim to stop in at St. Columbkille Catholic Church this afternoon.


There was some discussion about this church yesterday.  It’s reputedly haunted.  DA and I have driven by it often and remarked how beautiful a building it is so today we decided to check it out a little closer.  We could only walk around the church so we spent some time examining the old headstones in the cemetery right beside it.


There are few places more peaceful than a cemetery and this one had some particularly beautiful old stones still standing after more than 150 years of marking their namesakes.

The next stop on our itinerary (the one we had planned) was McCrae Provincial Park.


Though everything was clearly in a state of dying, the boardwalk was amazingly beautiful all strewn with Autumn leaves.


The roots were gorgeous too.


Ditto for the mushrooms.


And for fallen trees.


We even saw a monarch butterfly.  She should be well on her way to Mexico by now but this poor female had somehow damaged one of her wings and could no longer fly.  DA lifted her off the rocks we found her on and gently placed her in a tree.  Somehow it seemed kinder that she died up high than down low.


Throughout our walk, DA and I were trying to solve a conundrum, namely the identity of a leaf that wound up in one of the Moldovan specialties we enjoyed yesterday.  We were looking on the ground when in reality the answer was up high.  I caught DA as he solved the mystery.

The places we went to today were so simple and close by but I don’t think I could have been happier than I was.  What a great way to spend Thanksgiving.  I, for one, am grateful for days like this one.