Admittedly, our neck of the woods is a little off the beaten path so we don’t often get visitors.  When we do, it’s great to show them the benefits of living in a place that’s a bit more obscure.  Benefits like having a “gun range” in our back yard.  Guns.  We have them, some of us know how to shoot them and we like sharing them with friends who go out of their way to find us.


D and P had a fantastic time showing off their weaponry to old time friends A and N.  It wasn’t long before A and N were the ones showing off.  Those two learned very quickly how to load, cock and shoot the boys’ BB guns.  They happily added new holes to the cans set up for target practice.

Their mom, E, who happens to be an amazing homeschooler and friend, got in on the action too.  She was eager to give those guns a try, recalling her days in the Reserves.  She pinged off a few coke cans pretty handily.


I didn’t shoot anything but I did come up with the “moms in arms” idea for this photo.  I can at least look like I know what I’m doing with a weapon.


It was fun to get together with the C’s again.  It was E who got me started blogging, who introduced us to the Munster Judo Club and who walked alongside me as an example and as an encouragement during our homeschool years.  No doubt, if she visits our neck of the woods from time to time she’ll even get me shooting like a pro that BB gun.  She’s just that kind of person.