Autumn is unfolding in all its magnificence here.  Even though I walked five hours today delivering papers, I found I wasn’t exhausted when I got home.  All I wanted to do was some more walking, this time simply for the sheer pleasure of enjoying my surroundings.  My handy point and click camera came along with me so I could try to frame some of the prettiness my eyesight was drinking in.


This is a neighbour’s place.  Their country driveway is lined with big, old maples that look simply stunning this time of year.  I love how they highlight that red barn.


I drive by this gorgeous red leafed tree every day and couldn’t wait to get underneath it to try and capture that crimson colour.


I couldn’t resist taking a picture of these wasps feasting on some rotten apples on the hydro easement path behind my home.  Somehow it just spoke to me of the bounty of the season.


There are some cattails on that path too.  They look so pretty in silhouette, don’t they?


I picked up some pumpkins and seasonal flowers with my paper route profits to spruce up the yard a bit.  That orange is such a cheery colour to come home to.