I’m still in an unusually artistic mood.  Even after delivering papers, I totally felt like going for a walk and taking pictures.  It’s been quite dry around here and the temperatures have cooled off a bit so I tried strolling through our back woods.  Normally they are too flooded and mosquito infested to be enjoyable.  Today I blundered through there like I had discovered a whole new world.  I say blundered because I’m sure I stepped on every twig possible and made more noise than those woods have heard in a long time.  I took a lot of photos but none of them turned out the way I hoped they would.  I kept this one as a possibility for the fair category “roots” but I’m not entirely enamored with it.


Not having satisfied my artsy longings with photos, I turned to drawing.


I really enjoyed sketching this little girl.  The easel – not so much.  The drawing is based on this photo that I found in a recent publication.


It was very challenging but I’m happy with how it turned out.  My camera didn’t do the greatest job capturing it.  The paper is actually white and the pencil is a little darker than it shows up in the photo.