Seeing my artwork and photos hanging on display at the fall fair did something to me.  Suddenly I feel like pursuing art again.  As a kid, I drew often but as an adult I’ve done precious little to add to my portfolio.  When there are more demands on my time, I feel I need a reason to do something as frivolous as wile away an hour of my time on art.  Entering pieces in the fair is just the excuse I needed to get back to something I genuinely enjoy.  I don’t know what the categories will be next year but if there is a portrait group, I might enter this:


It’s supposed to be Louis Real.  I found this picture in a beautiful book on Canada I purchased when the boys and I were studying our fair land


and thought to myself, “I think I can draw that.”

Here’s a closer up of the picture on the front of the Louis Real statue:


I’ve never used white pencil crayon on black construction paper before but was pleased with the result.  I spent close to an hour on this piece and was amazed how quickly the time passed.  Time does fly when you are having fun!

I’ve also started taking photos, that instantaneous form of art, for next year’s fair.  My neighbour passed on to me the categories; the first one was simply “red”.  I don’t have a lot of red in my home.  I’m more drawn to earthy, subdued colours, but when I saw these red tomatoes shining in the sun on my kitchen windowsill, I thought I’d try to capture this invigorating hue.


I put a red tea towel underneath since my kitchen windowsill isn’t the prettiest and was pleased with the colour saturation.  I will likely try photographing a number of red things but these tomatoes were a good start for that category.