I haven’t written about books much since we stopped homeschooling but that’s not because I’ve stopped reading.  D brought home a book from school called “Uglies” by Scott Westerfeld that totally got my attention and held it.  I practically had to fight him to read it since we both really got into the story.  He just announced to me that he got book 2 in the series (called “Pretties”) a few days ago but intentionally didn’t inform me about it because he wanted to read it without trying to pry it away from me.  Aah!

He’s O.K. on that front for now.  I took out “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus” by John Gray from the library and am finding it quite insightful.  I am a typical Venusian and the guys in my household are typical Martians.  I find I often just don’t get them.  This book, though it’s not new, is new to me and I am finding it helpful.  I am learning what I am doing wrong and why it’s getting the reactions it is.  The way women communicate and the way men do it are quite different, like we’re from different planets.  Knowing this can really aid in understanding the opposite sex and lead to more effective and peaceful living.  It will be a challenge to implement the ideas presented.  They really go against my natural way of doing things but I’m excited to see if they really work.  I have a feeling they will and everyone in my home will be happier for me having read this book and going “Oh, now I see.”