The last couple of days have been about stories.  There have been happy stories of winning prizes.


I picked up my third prize gift certificate at Ecocentric yesterday but couldn’t spend it before I had a picture taken of it.  After all, photos are a way of telling a story.  Since it was the grand opening for the store, everyone also got a free tree to plant.

Here’s another picture telling the happy story of winning a prize.


D’s name was randomly drawn at the Teen Survivor party he attended yesterday night at the library.  This little card is worth $50 at Future Shop.  P also came out a winner.  He got a Dairy Queen coupon good for one free sundae.  Not a bad night for our little family!

Then there are the funny stories.  While delivering newspapers this morning, we all had tales to tell.  P’s first route was right beside a golf course.  Some golfer whacked a very errant shot and a golf ball flew over the fence and narrowly missed P’s head.  He wasn’t looking for projectiles coming at him so it totally took him by surprise.  He came back grateful that it missed him.  It would have been quite the owie if it hadn’t.

D’s first route was a new one.  He totally got lost.  I sent him out with only 14 papers to deliver.  He came back with 8 still in hand.  We ended up doing the route together and I have to admit it is one of the more complicated ones I’ve done.

While the boys were out doing their first routes, I headed out to do one of my own.  I didn’t get very far when a large plastic shield under my front bumper came off and started dragging on the ground.  What to do?  I put it back as best I could but of course it just kept falling off.  By the time we all got back together we were laughing about all our absurd problems.  Things only got better when I managed to drag my sorry vehicle into the Dollarama parking lot.  I was hoping to pick up some duct tape and do a sort of Red Green style temporary fix.  That didn’t happen.  Right beside Dollarama is one of those outdoor flower markets.  The lady working there came running out assuring me that she had had the same problem (and many others) and could fix it.  The Florist Mechanic made good on her word.  She deftly grabbed some tie downs, strung them together and tied that piece back on good as new.  We talked as she worked.  Turns out she’s a single mom and to save money has had to learn to do a lot of things herself.  I could relate to that.  I told her a bit of my story and she shared a bit of hers.  We ended up shaking grimy hands, hers from plants and mine from newspapers.  I pray that God will bless Florist Mechanic for being a Good Samaritan today.  It’s interesting to me that the whole time she was busy working under my van no one came to look at her flowers.  As soon as she was done though a customer came.  I’ll tell DA the story tonight and he’ll marvel once again how God looks out for me.

You would think that would be the end of funny stories for the day but it wasn’t.  While driving around to pick up the boys from their next routes, Mr. British Columbia, who was cruising along in front of me, stopped, put his van in reverse, and came straight at me.  I couldn’t believe it so I layed on the horn.  He didn’t react quickly enough and backed right into me.  I must have been driving along in his blind spot because he came out swearing that he didn’t see anyone behind him.  I drive a fair sized bright red van so that seemed a bit hard to believe.  He must have been really focused on finding his sister’s house because he didn’t hear me honk either.  The long and the short of it was that there seemed to be almost no damage done to either vehicle so I told him not to worry about it.  Maybe that’s not anyone else’s idea of a funny story but after all that had already happened that morning, the boys and I kind of laughed about it.

Then there are the happy ending stories.  After our delivery adventures the boys convinced me to get KFC.  We pigged out on greasy food and soda on the drive home, got cleaned up and then D and I headed out to the Bracebridge Fall Fair.  P decided he just wanted some time at home.  It turns out that all of my art entries won ribbons and that I took the big ribbon for most points earned by a new entrant.  Woo hoo!  My neighbour tells me I have some prize money coming my way.  My photo entries didn’t win but that was understandable.  There were A LOT of photo entries and some of them were very good.  I’ll have to try again next year.  With the number of entries for each category, it would be exciting to place.

Of course, I took my handy, dandy, little camera with me.


D made a few friends in Bracebridge.

He also convinced me to go on a few rides with him on the Midway.


This one freaked me out a bit.  I now know where P gets his fear of heights.  I was feeling a wee bit nervous in these rocking pods up so high.  That’s my embarrassing story of the day.  Little kids were doing this ride with ease and I was hanging on the sides pretty tightly and closing my eyes at the top.  D found that kind of funny.

My proud story of the day?  The Tilt-A-Whirl didn’t turn into the Tilt-N-Hurl for me.  I spun with the best of them and held on to my cookies.