It’s been Project City around here for the last couple of weeks.  I’m happy to report that I’ve made progress on each of the projects I’m working on.

Project #1:  Bracebridge Fall Fair Entries

My photos got mounted and tagged this week and I managed to get all of my art pieces framed and capable of being hung by wire.  (That’s a requirement.)  My neighbour hauled them all off in a cardboard box tonight, assuring me that they’d get put in the right places and that she’d fix anything that I had done incorrectly.  She also handed me a list of categories for next year’s photo contest.  Guess she thinks I’ll make this an annual thing.  I’m just glad to get the bristol board, scissors, tape, stapler, hammer, art work and picture hanging stuff off of my bedroom floor.  Does it ever look nice in there now that it’s not being cluttered up with fair hopefuls.

Project #2:  P’s Bedroom Makeover

This project isn’t getting accomplished quickly but it is turning out nicely so far.  That icky window got a good cleaning and some fresh white paint and looks A LOT better.  The tops of the walls are now Sico’s “Amazing White” and the bottoms have been wonderfully transformed with Sico’s “Cloak” which looks just like melted chocolate when you pour it out of the can.  Around the middle of the wall is a Ralph Lauren stripe the same colour as P’s comforter.  It took a lot of measuring and taping to get the look but I’m really pleased how it turned out.  This is going to be one great looking room!  I hauled out all the furniture and creatively found places to put it temporarily.  The trim is off so now I’m set to start ripping out carpet, underpad and carpet track.  I have never installed laminate flooring before but I’m going to give this DIY option a try.  Yes.  I’m actually going to use power tools.  DA has graciously agreed to help me.  I’m really excited about this makeover.  So far, it’s been a lot of fun.

Project #3:  The Dresser

Last but not least is that amazing dresser I found on Kijiji.  The body has had three coats of white paint and is looking quite nice.  The drawers are another story.  I started out taking off the trim that was dating them and filling in the damaged parts.  I did my best to sand them smooth but when I painted them I could see that I hadn’t done the greatest job.  A second coat of paint didn’t make them look any better.  By the next day, the wood resin bled through the paint showing exactly where the old trim had been.  Those drawers really looked bad so I went to plan B and bought a roll of paintable wallpaper in an attempt to create textured drawer fronts.  Once I got the wallpaper cut and pasted I was feeling much better about the whole thing.  Then the next day I felt like crying.  The wood resin bled even through the wallpaper!  So, today I went to Home Depot and got some B-I-N, a shellac based primer that’s supposed to seal stains.  So far, I’m impressed.  It went on easily, dried in just 45 minutes and seems to have covered those wood bleeds.  I’ve already put on a layer of paint and I’m back to being excited about this project.  Those drawers will get one more coat of paint and then we’ll start drilling holes for new hardware (which I don’t have yet because I haven’t yet found anything that I like.)  I’m really impatient to get this project finished.  It’s cluttering up my entry way and living room and I’m over the top about finally having a dresser in our room.  I won’t show you what our closet looks like right now.  It’s too shameful.  That nine drawer dresser is going to be a blessing.

I’m looking forward to home being just home again.  Project City is fun and all but it kind of gets on your nerves after a while.