I got my hair done yesterday.  Not just trimmed this time.  I got it permed.  It was a bit shocking for my family but I think they’re getting used to it.


It’s really hard to take a picture of yourself.  I have a bad habit of blinking at the wrong time and looking either drugged out or very sleepy in pictures.  This time around, I held the camera at arm’s length and tried to OPEN my eyes as I clicked.  Better I think.  (Oh, and for those who wondered, I haven’t got a new camera yet.  I’m working towards it but it will likely be a few months before I can afford the one I want.)

Here’s a pic of today’s work:


Our next door neighbour popped over last night and asked if D and P could look after their dog Molly for the next couple of days.  They have to let her out after school, run her really hard, feed and water her and make sure she poops outside.  It hardly seems like work to D and P but they’re getting paid for it.