My home is in a state of disarray right now.  P’s disassembled bed is leaning against the upstairs railing, his room is partly ripped apart, partly coming together, there are nine painted drawers cluttering my living room and a painted dresser narrowing the front entrance hallway.  Things are sort of done but not where they ought to be.  It’s hard living in a mess even if it’s a mess that is leading to a more organized home.  Tonight I needed to look at something beautiful.  It may sound silly but this is what I found:


My basil plant sitting on my kitchen windowsill with a little tomato beside it and a moth stuck to the window just looked pretty to me.  Amazing what I tiny corner of pretty can do for me.  I feel calmer already.  Now to escape to my bedroom with that image in my head instead of all the in-the-works projects lying around.