Not sure what prompted Lady In Colourful Mumu, but she saw Paper Delivery Girl coming and practically floated out of her home tut-tutting, “Poor, poor thing…”  She then thrust an ice cold bottle of water into Paper Delivery Girl’s hand.  Paper Delivery Girl didn’t feel like a “poor, poor thing” but she’s thankful for Lady In Colourful Mumu.  That water really hit the spot on a hot afternoon walking the streets of Orillia.

As Paper Delivery Girl was on her second last route of the day, she realized that she was going to run out of papers before she ran out of houses to deliver them to.  She resigned herself to a trip back to Headquarters when out of nowhere Fellow Employee showed up.  He asked Paper Delivery Girl how she was doing and if she had enough papers.  He had been given too many and was happy to donate his extras to her.  His extras made up for her shortage and Fellow Employee’s kindness saved her time and effort.  She couldn’t help but think that she had never run into Fellow Employee before when delivering.  Coincidence?  Paper Delivery Girl doesn’t think so.  She’s quite sure a higher power was at work looking out for her.