Sometimes life with teenage boys seems like it’s all picking up dirty socks (they’re everywhere!), turning off lights (practically a full time job around here) and pleading (please, please, please) for them to pick up after themselves.  Then there are days like today where it’s actually fun.  D and P have planned a mini neighbourhood campout in the backyard.



I love how the boys completely ignored me when I came out with the camera while they were setting up.  Look at the girls though!  They’re ecstatic to be in the pics.


This is no roughin’ it sort of campout.  There are solar powered lights between those fancy shmancy tents.  There’s a battery powered strobe light in the one P’s staying in.


There’s a laptop so they can connect with all their Facebook friends.


They’ve got cell phones and a digital camera out there too.

I tried to get them all to line up for a group photo.


See how the girls tried to do something cutesy.  See how the guys didn’t.

This is my favourite pic.  I managed to convince them all to jump on the count of 3.


They’re out there now playing glow stick tag, laughing and generally enjoying one of the last days of summer.  Fun fun!