Paper Delivery Girl is supposed to pick up papers and walk and walk and walk to deliver them to paid subscribers.  That’s it.  The job is supposed to give her exercise and a little pay but no stress.  Paper Delivery Girl is finding out that there are some people out there who are VERY unhappy with the Packet and Times.  These people have no problem spewing their verbal vomit at Paper Delivery Girl.  Paper Delivery Girl understands that these people pay for this service and therefore deserve good service.  She herself has experienced bad service and it has frustrated her too.  Still, these people’s problems really have nothing to do with Paper Delivery Girl.  She isn’t the one answering the phones and she’s not privy to the complaints that have been lodged.  She simply picks up her papers and walks and walks and walks to put them in the mailboxes on her list.  Paper Delivery Girl has explained this to the unhappy people but the unhappy people still expect her to do something about their unhappiness.

Yesterday, Angry Man practically ordered her to go back to the Packet and Times building to convey a message from him.  Paper Delivery Girl wisely spoke to him, calmed him down (he even apologized to her for his gruffness) and assured him that she would indeed go and talk to the authorities that be to see what could be done.  She made good on her word.  She mediated and got conflict resolution started.  She asked and got permission to start delivering to Angry Man before everything was resolved as a show of goodwill.  Well, actually she just didn’t want to have to walk past Angry Man’s house and NOT give him a newspaper.  That would have been bad.

Paper Delivery Girl is impressing a few people and making a few others that weren’t very happy a little happier.  And that’s making Paper Delivery Girl feel a little bit better about her lowly position.  Maybe she’s in a place where she’s learning to go the extra mile, sometimes quite literally on foot.