I’ve been looking for a little while now but I think I’ve finally found it.


This dresser was listed on Kijiji for only $40 and the pickup was in Orillia.  It’s solid wood and the right size and shape for where I’d like to put it.  It had a few pieces of trim missing but I realize the trim can be taken off very easily (those pieces on top were just ripped off with my bare hands) and without the trim and those handles this piece could easily be transformed into something less sixties looking.  Once I get the trim and handles off, I merely need to sand, paint, distress, polyurethane and drill holes for nifty knob pulls.  I can hardly wait to get started on it but I’m already waist deep in a project so it will have to wait until that one is more finished.  Still, I’m always excited when I’m looking for something and actually find it and it turns out to be full of potential.