Paper Delivery Girl is tired today.  On Thursdays, every single house gets a paper.  Let me rewrite that.  On Thursdays, EVERY SINGLE HOUSE gets a paper.  These papers are different than the ones Paper Delivery Girl usually delivers.  They are about three times as thick and about three times as heavy.  They are loaded to the max with flyers and don’t load all that well into Paper Delivery Girl’s delivery system.  Paper Delivery Girl knows.  Her bucket overflowed with papers today and tipped over three times in a short space of time.  This was not one or two papers falling out.  This was the whole bucket falling over with at least twenty super fat papers stuffed to the gills with flyers going splat on the sidewalk.  The first time it happened Paper Delivery Girl got more vigilant about where she was pulling her bucket on a luggage carrier.  Bumps and cracks in the sidewalk were bad she learned.  The second time it happened Paper Delivery Girl had the inkling that maybe, just maybe, she’d have to change her ways.  By the third time she was sure of it.  She wanted to throw back her head and cry out in frustration and she did a little bit.  Mostly she remembered she was downtown and such things are generally frowned upon.  She also remembered to give thanks in her heart that it was such a calm day.  Can you imagine if there had been a gusty wind blowing?  Paper Delivery Girl can.  It’s not a nice image in her imagination.

Paper Delivery Girl learned the hard way that she can carry thirty to forty Thursday papers in her bucket without it tipping precariously at every uneven spot along the way.  She figured out that she could divide her routes up into two or three smaller loops moving her van forward a little at the end of each loop and thereby deliver her freebies without them kissing the sidewalk every few paces.  Paper Delivery Girl walked and walked and walked the rest of the day without problems or incidents.  Paper Delivery Girl is glad she learned this important info on such a nice day.