For the next six months, I am Paper Delivery Girl.  After that, who knows?  I may morph into some other identity.  If the newspaper corporation is a ladder, the position of paper delivery girl is definitely the bottom rung.  Meaning it’s the first place people step on when there are problems.  And there have been problems.  Mostly in the way of miscommunication and missing communication.

Paper Delivery Girl dutifully went out Saturday morning marching the streets of Orillia to give a select clientele their daily reading fix of not so new news.  It was hot but Paper Delivery Girl didn’t complain.  She drank lots of water and performed her service.  A number of the places she was supposed to leave papers at were closed for the day (think government buildings here).  Not having any specific instructions for how to deliver to these particular locked buildings, she thought on her feet, rolled up the requisite number of papers and neatly placed them behind the door handles.  There was another building that was locked that she did have delivery instructions for so she rightly followed them.

Monday morning, Paper Delivery Girl got some flack from government employees.  Apparently she was supposed to deliver Saturday’s paper with Monday’s paper.  She apologized, explained that she had been given no instructions to that effect and went on tell what she did do.  No good. She’s the lowest rung of the ladder and therefore got stepped on.

Paper Delivery Girl made a special trip to the next rung up on the ladder to ask about this problem.  The next rung up swears that instructions for Saturday’s papers were given on a map that should have been given to her.  Paper Delivery Girl is sure no such map was handed to her and feels that the upper rung is also trying to step on the lower rung.  Not the best feeling.

Today, Paper Delivery Girl was told that she was delivering papers to the wrong address inside this same government building.  She’s a bit frustrated about it.  The delivery sheet said to deliver to “Human Resources Canada”.  There is no office marked “Human Resources Canada” in that whole building.  Paper Delivery Girl knows because she wasted some time wandering around the building looking for it before she finally asked someone to point it out.  She was directed to “Employment Resources” where she has been faithfully delivering papers until she was told by someone not too kindly that “Employment Resources” does not get a paper delivered to them.  She didn’t respond in kind.  She apologized and asked nicely where “Human Resources Canada” was.  Unkind lady didn’t know but sent her over to “Services Canada”.  Turns out “Services Canada” is “Human Resources Canada”.  The names are just so similar it’s amazing Paper Delivery Girl didn’t know that.  She bit her tongue and wasn’t sarcastic.  She apologized yet again and explained the circumstances behind the mix-up.  Services Canada man asked for her name.  Turns out this particular paper is the one that goes to the mayor of Orillia whom some in the higher rungs of the paper industry have dubbed “his worshipfulness”.  Seems his worshipfulness isn’t too pleased with Paper Delivery Girl.

How will this particular chapter end?  Paper Delivery Girl isn’t too sure.  She is resolved to let the negativity she’s encountered in this particular building roll off her like water off a duck’s back or maybe the grimy sweat off her own back.  Paper Delivery Girl is after all a saint and what good is a ladder if it’s missing that all important first rung?  She will press on in all kinds of weather.  She will continue to smile and wave to strangers.  She will get the job done better than before now that she’s been corrected.  She will be the superhero she really is.