When I’m not out delivering papers (I’m up to six days a week now) or being totally absorbed in the Suzanne Collins book “The Hunger Games” the boys are reading for the Teen Survivor contest at the library, I’m trying to take pictures for the upcoming fair in Bracebridge.  One of the categories is sunflowers.  I’m not sure if we’ve had enough sun this summer for sunflowers to flourish around here.  I walk a lot of neighbourhoods delivering papers and I haven’t seen even one.  And I have been looking.  I finally resorted to buying a bouquet with a sunflower in it to try and get some pics of this gorgeous fleur.

I can’t decide which one I like best.  Here are the options.  Please do tell me if one stands out as fairer than the rest to you.








The smudges are driving me crazy on most of these but I just couldn’t crop them out or angle my camera differently so you wouldn’t see them.  For most of these shots I was holding the sunflower up as high as I could with my left hand and trying to snap it with the camera in my right hand.  It took a lot of effort to just get flower and sky.  The pesky trees all around my property kept getting in the shot even though I didn’t want them to.  It would have been helpful if I had one of those go-go gadget arms and could have held this sunflower up about half a foot higher.  Maybe I just need to enlist the help of an accomplice on a chair.  Hmmm…