One of the things I got to do while touring Prince Edward Island was pick up shells.  I had a small bucket full that when brought into my bathroom made it stink like rotten fish.  So much for the idea of simply putting them in some pretty container to beautify a navy counter top.  For weeks now the shells have sat on the deck, being alternately washed by the rain and then baked by the sun.  The smell seems to have dissipated considerably so I chanced to bring them in again.  Shells are so beautiful.  I just had to try to take some pictures of them.


This is my favourite.  I did absolutely no tinkering to this photo.  I simply took a picture of the shell sitting on the navy counter top and my camera completely blacked out the background.  Cool!


Can you tell I really like that twirly one and the one riddled with holes?  Too, too pretty!