We had a funny little visitor hanging out (literally!) at our place this morning.  DA opened the front door to head off for work when he saw this cute red squirrel clinging to our wicker chair.  Before I got there, he was popping his head up, peeking out to see if the coast was clear.  The coast wasn’t clear.  After DA, the boys came out to laugh at our furry friend and then I came along toting my camera.  Poor red squirrel.  He was so scared he just clung to the back of the chair hoping out of sight would mean out of mind.


I wish I could have gotten this critter to start popping his head above the wicker chair again.  That would have made for a darling picture I think.

DA managed to scare him off the chair.  He jumped and clung to the brick wall causing us (of course!) to start singing, “Spidey squirrel”.  He just clung there absolutely still possibly thinking he could just blend in with the brickwork.  I tried to take a pic but my camera batteries just didn’t have enough oomph in them for the task.  Too bad!  Spidey squirrel looked pretty adorable stuck to the side of our home.  I did manage to get the above shot of our morning entertainment though.  Isn’t he just too cute?  Come visit again Spidey squirrel.  The batteries have been recharged.  I’m ready when you are.