I’ve been neglecting my blog.  I know because my mom called yesterday to see if I was sick.  Why else would a person who writes almost daily not write for almost a week?  I’m not sick.  I haven’t been particularly busy either.  If anything life has been rather ho-hum.

From Monday to Friday I drove the boys into town for Extreme Adventure day camp.  While they joyfully went off to kayak, rock climb, mountain bike through woods and canoe, I happily went my own way sans kids to get inspired for P’s bedroom makeover.  I lucked out at Walmart.  I had found some Sico paint chips that showed promise and Walmart had bedding and accent pillows in the very shade I had grown fond of at very good prices.  I bought what I liked figuring P wouldn’t care for it so much.  I was fully prepared to return it all and start over.  Turns out P likes the colour scheme I chose and fell immediately in love with his new comforter and pillow.  I’ve been having him pack up his room and started doing what I do best – moving furniture around.  It’s then that it occurred to me that maybe I should take some before pictures.


P has a big, boxy room that was loaded with stuff.  Take a look at that closet!  Surely I can do better than that.  I’m working on the concept of “less is more” with P.  A cluttered room isn’t a comfy one.  It’s better to attractively store away the extras and just have a few likeable things on display.  I don’t think it will be a hard sell with this son.


The ickiest thing in P’s room (besides the super stained carpet) is the the moldy windows.  They need a little work.

Apart from P’s room, I’ve been working at delivering papers.  I took a job with another paper and now I can deliver every day if I want to.  Delivering papers may not be everyone’s idea of an ideal job but I really like it.  The walking does me a lot of good and of course I don’t mind that I’m getting paid to exercise.  I like how flexible the schedule is.  I feel like I can still be the mom and wife I want to be and earn a little extra cash on the side.  Of course, I will have to contend with our confused climate.  The last two days it’s been quite hot and I came close to being a puddle on the sidewalk.  You need LOTS of water when you deliver for hours in weather like that.  A LOT more water than what I brought with me.  The other thing I like about delivering is the stories I bring home.  Yesterday, construction came to a halt for a few minutes while I climbed a retaining wall with my trundle buggy full of papers on my back and made my way through bushes to get to a paid subscriber’s home.  It was either that or leap a GIANT hole in the middle of the road and the backhoe and twenty workers that were making the hole.  For a few moments, the paper girl was the center of everyone’s attention.  Fortunately, my spidey senses kicked in and I scaled the heights with ease and made it through the underbrush with nary a scrape to my sweaty legs.  That’s so much more exciting than telling the family I cleaned bathrooms, weeded and did dishes while they were away.

Today, it’s project paper dolls.  I’m continuing the story of Esther at church tomorrow (the one I began telling in my wedding dress to the mortification of my sons).  I need to come up with an Esther, king, Mordecai and Haman.  The story line suggests using male and female barbies as aids but I don’t have any of those kicking around and I’m aware that there are more than a few anti-barbie crusaders at church.  I’m not so fond of barbie and her outlandish proportions either so I will do things a slightly different way and put my creative abilities to work.  And I will do some dishes, cleaning and weeding today.  Life is good even if it IS a bit ho-hum.