P said something to me recently that both shocked me and excited me.  He wants a room makeover.

For the last year or more, the boys have been pretty insistent that I don’t go in their rooms.  It drives them nuts when I start organizing their chaos.  They’re convinced that a clean room is a sign of a sick mind.  Trouble is once their rooms get so messy you can hardly open the door, the mess seems to creep out and invade the rest of the house.  If there’s one thing I have a hard time with it’s boy messes.  I’ve instituted and enforced 15 minutes of clean up every night after supper.  That way the boys can go into their rooms, put things away themselves and know where their stuff is.  My rule is “If mama’s happy, we’re all happy”.  The boys know this is true.  If things start getting out of control sloppy I spiral downwards and life becomes difficult.  Either that or I take matters into my own hands and do a big heave-ho.  Neither scenario is very good as far as D and P are concerned.  Better to put up with 15 short minutes of tidying up than days of grumpy mama and a lifetime without something that was really important to them that they carelessly left around for mama to stumble over and get upset about.

So, it’s big news that P is inviting me into his space and asking for my help to reinvent it.  I painted P’s room a dull grey when we first moved into the house because the room’s former occupant seemed to have loved bubble gum pink.  Grey may be the IT colour now but it didn’t do anything for P’s room.  With the grey carpet, his bedroom looks a little like the inside of a giant shoe box.  The look isn’t improved by the fact that everything that doesn’t seem to fit anywhere else in the house somehow manages to get added to P’s room.  It’s a mishmash of stuff – the bed and mattress I bought him when he was really little, my brother’s old desk, his dad’s old armoire, some IKEA shelves, my hope chest, extra chairs, christmas decorations and his new dad’s wooden butler.  (I think that’s what that thing is called.)  Basically his bedroom looks like a box full of miscellaneous items.  No style whatsoever.

I suggested to P that maybe we’d start by ripping out the carpet and putting in laminate flooring.  He’s pretty pumped about that idea.  I don’t know what the former occupant of the room spilled on the carpet but she spilled a lot of it and nothing I’ve tried gets it out.  The furniture arrangement was largely chosen to try and hide those big stains.  Not exactly the best way to go about designing a room.

P really wants a hockey themed room.  I really want a room that will transition easily when his hockey crush goes the way of his dinosaur infatuation and then his love for all things medieval.  I thought I could just go on-line do a little googling and find some great inspiration.  Well.  I’ve gone on-line quite a bit and haven’t been very inspired by what I’ve seen so far.   Doing a room for a tween boy is going to be pretty challenging for me.

I did find these, which I thought might work:


You can order them in all kinds of sizes and colours.  They’re vinyl clings so when your son grows weary of hockey, you can just heat them with a blow dryer and peel them off.  They’re not insanely expensive either.

I also found this room, which to me looks like a cool backdrop to add to:

Picture 43

This might work since I’m not planning on getting any new furniture for the room.  The stuff P is using is sort of the same colour as that desk top.  I’m not sold on it though.

Any inspiring ideas out there?  Pictures are welcome!