Not that long ago I did some personality testing.  You know, the kind where you answer a thousand questions and then tally up your a,b,c and d’s to see which of the sixteen personality types you fall into.  Mine was incredibly accurate.  I read the rather lengthy blurb and it sounded just like me.  One of the things I learned from that reading was that the “weakness” of my personality type was I wasn’t very good at responding to criticism.  I didn’t have to think about this very long to know that it was true.  I jump right in and work hard if I know that I can do something well.  I tend to shy away from activities I suspect I might not be so good at.  The reason is that I want praise and not criticism.  I’ve noticed that even innocent remarks sometimes get perceived as criticism with me and I respond over the top because of it.  That leaves the person who made the remark a little bewildered.  One of the things I have to learn to accept is that no one is good at everything and it’s alright to do your best and just be average or even below average.   I also have to accept that there maybe someone or a whole group of people out there who are better than I am at a particular task.  That sounds absurd but I typically strive to be the best at everything.  It can become a disease I think.

One of the things my natural personality has kept me from is entering contests.  I don’t even enter contests that pertain to things I’m good at.  There’s too much risk that there might be someone better than me entering or that someone might comment negatively or even critically at something I’ve worked hard on.  So it’s a big deal that I’m entering some art for the first time at the Bracebridge Fall Fair in September.  I’ve never been to this fair so I have no idea what the competition will be like.  I may be well out of my league.  Still, I’ve been steadily producing pieces for the various categories.  Last night I finished up the one for “flowers”.  I drew a lot of flowers in my younger days and to my delight found that I could still churn out a fairly decent picture in a reasonably short period of time.

Here it is:


I got a bit of my shadow in the right hand bottom corner explaining why it looks quite a bit darker than the rest of the composition.  It’s actually pretty uniform throughout.  All art category entrants have to be framed and hung by wire so that will be my next challenge.  I don’t want to spend a lot of moulah on frames that I’m not going to use again so I’ll have to shop the house and thrift stores to see what I can come up with.

I’m still a bit nervous about revealing my work to the public at large.  Friends are usually kind enough to be gracious in their remarks.  The big, wide world?  Who knows?  Whatever people say or don’t say, it will be a good exercise for me to step out of my natural personality and learn to respond appropriately inside and out.