D and P slept over at a friend’s house last night.  D came up to me and said, “Mom you won’t mind if we sleep over at R’s house tonight will you?  I mean, you won’t miss us too much, right?”  I assured him that I thought DA and I would be just fine for a night without his physical presence in the home.

So here I am not even 24 hours later thinking about my boys.  It’s been interesting since we came back from holidays.  They’ve gotten bored at times without the constant itinerary of places to go and things to see.  Yippee!  Life usually gets interesting when D and P get bored.

A couple of days ago, I discovered a paper wasp nest in a hole just off the path out back.  Phew!  Good thing.  I wouldn’t have wanted to accidently step on this:


Naturally, I told the guys about it because I want them to be interested in nature.  My thought was that they would go and observe.  Silly mama.  D and P enlisted a neighbourhood boy, filled water balloons and played the game “bomb the wasp nest without getting stung”.  Hmmm…I don’t remember playing that one as a kid.  I don’t know if they got stung or not.  No one was going to admit it.  It was the same as saying, “I lost”.  Two words boys don’t put together. Period.

Yesterday’s adventure involved a chipmunk.  Why this little fella stays around is beyond me.  He must be a thrill seeker type.  D and P love him and show it by tormenting him.  Hmmm…torment?  Is that a love language?  We have some pieces of eavestroughing beside our house and when Chippy (my name for him, not theirs) gets scared (which is often) s/he tends to run into what s/he thinks is the safety of those aluminum tunnels.  It’s a kind of out of sight, out of mind mentality I guess.  Well, when Chippy runs in there, s/he isn’t out of the tormentors minds.  P decided to put my little kitchen compost pail at the end of the eavestroughing and then scare Chippy into it.  Chippy fell for it.  In s/he went to P’s delight.  He simply tipped the eavestroughing and made it into a giant slide.  Chippy went for a ride and plopped into the compost pail.  P closed the lid and was delighted to announce he’d caught a chipmunk in his trap.  Poor little thing.  The pail had been outside airing out but it had taken in a little rain water.  Chippy was all wet and pathetic looking.  P managed to open the pail without his drenched pal escaping to show us all.  He had a neighbour kid shove an old screen window (also lying on the side of the house) over the opening as soon as he popped the lid.  Chippy made a giant jump for freedom only to bop his/her soggy head against that screen.  Must be a boy chipmink because he did it again and again and on the last attempt the screen gave out and Chippy dashed.  Poor Chippy.  He’s now doomed to be the subject of many boyish plots I’m sure.

O.K. reading this I’m thinking the real problem might be all the junk laying around on that one side of the house.  D and P watched a lot of MacGyver movies while traveling and from that show learned that  junk is for making traps and bombs and other scary things.  So maybe if I clean up that messy corner, nature has a chance of surviving around here?  Or maybe the boys will just start ripping stuff off the house for their pranks.  Yeah, that sounds like life with boys.