Years ago, when I just started homeschooling my boys, I had them try to read a paragraph with no punctuation in it.  The thought conveyed in the text was beautiful but the beauty was hard to capture in the imagination without those dots and squiggles we call periods and commas.  Of course, I was trying to reinforce in their little minds the idea that proper punctuation matters.  The writer may know what he or she is trying to say but without those little stops and pauses it’s hard for the reader to get it.

I think life is a little bit like a paragraph.  It can be beautiful and full of good things but it takes the short pauses and even some stops to fully appreciate it.  I’ve never been able to go full steam all day long.  I need some breathers to help steady the pace and make me more productive.  When the boys were little, those breaks happened regularly at nap time.  Even if I got ten minutes overlap between the two of them, it was enough to recharge my batteries for the next few hours of high activity.  Now my breaks are longer and happen more in the way of a solid walk each day.  That’s the time when I can think, evaluate, reassess, pray and come to the conclusion that I am truly blessed.  It’s the time where I stop and smell the roses.  Not literally.  I’m more the type that stops and takes pictures of the flowers while thinking and rejoicing in all that I’ve been given.  Here are a few of those pics.


These were taken in New Brunswick.  After driving for hours in the van with D and P, all I wanted was some quiet time in the woods to refocus.  The boys happily ran off to explore whatever campground we were at and I took a short stroll and turned my attention to the fauna around me.  It’s a great stress buster.


I was fascinated with this mushroom near Hopewell Rocks thinking I had never seen anything like it in Ontario.  I had to laugh when I saw an almost identical specimen not far from my house on one of my recent walks.


We didn’t specifically visit any gardens in the east coast, but some of the attractions we went to did have gorgeous beds surrounding them.  I couldn’t help but notice and took the time to appreciate someone’s artistry and hard work.


This batch of photos was taken at my parents’ place.  They’re avid gardeners and their yard shows that they have green thumbs.  It was just so pretty when the sun made an appearance after the rain fell.  Some of the flowers (the ones that hadn’t been destroyed by the down pour) shone like jewels.


I’m so happy this water lily shot turned out.  I took it at Presqu’ile Park’s new marsh boardwalk.  My camera doesn’t have much in the way of zoom capability so I actually laid down on the boardwalk, stuck my head and arms out underneath the railing and tried very hard to get my camera as close to the lily as possible.  Amazingly it worked.  I love it when my effort actually pays off with a good pic.


I haven’t given up on pausing since coming back.  These lovelies were taken just the other day at my home.  No matter where you are there is beauty if you’ll but stop, even for a few moments, to notice it.