One thing you see a lot of visiting the eastern provinces of Canada is coastline.  I haven’t done much in the way of “sweeping vista shots” but I tried in the Maritimes because the big picture was just so pretty.


These first three shots were taken at a campground we stayed at in Quebec.  The boys ran off to play tennis and mini putt.  All I wanted was a good walk in a quiet place.  It’s hard to tell in these photos but the Laurentian Mountains in the background were beautiful.  They always seemed to look a dreamy purply-blue.


These two were taken at Hopewell Rocks in New Brunswick.  What the boys noticed most was how brown the water looked and how stinky it was at low tide.  They definitely thought our little lake looked and smelled better than these gulfs.


These two were taken at Fundy National Park.  They’re not coastline but they do feature water.  We only hiked one trail in this beautiful park but what a trail!  We met a couple of gents with the hugest amount of camera equipment we’ve ever seen on this adventure.  That was a pretty good indication that we were going to see some spectacular scenery.  We weren’t disappointed.  The waterfall was simply stunning.  If I ever get back to this part of Canada, I hope to do more trails in Fundy.


This old fishing boat was sitting just outside Fundy Park.  A lot of people were taking pictures of it at low tide.  I took quite a few shots myself but none of them turned out as I hoped they would.


This pretty little waterfall was behind the Haunted Mansion in Prince Edward Island.  The gardens there were filled with fun things for the kids that went along with the theme of the Haunted Mansion but they were also strikingly beautiful for people like me who like to walk through other people’s well tended gardens.


In P.E.I., you’re never far from coastline.  We stopped at this beach to see if we could find interesting shells.  We did find some.  Actually, I found some.  The boys only held out for a short time because of the huge fishy smell there is at low tide.  I was hoping to get some really fantastic shots of them looking for shells but none of those pictures were great either.  I don’t know if it was the dreary weather but my camera just couldn’t seem to pick up the richness of the colours on the island.  I’m glad that at least one picture shows the sand a deep red.  That’s the colour it really is.


We camped in the same campground in Quebec on the way back.  I tried again to capture the big picture of the beauty that was all around me but I didn’t quite succeed.  The rocky coast was much more impressive in real life than in my photo.  Ditto for the sunset.  Maybe it was more than a visual experience.  There definitely was a smell associated with this area as well as the feeling of a gentle breeze on your face and the quiet sound of lapping water in your ears.  It was probably everything together that made it amazing.


The pictures I like the best of water and beach are from Ontario only a few kilometres from where my parents live.  I ran through a very mosquito infested trail to get to this lookout point at Presqu’ile Provincial Park.  I’m really pleased with the composition of this shot.  I had to snap quickly because I was getting eaten alive and it still turned out to be one of my favourtite pics.


I also really like this picture taken at the same park.  It was quite windy that day so the waves were coming in very picturesquely.  I think I captured a bit of that in this shot.  It’s funny to me that I found some of the prettiest places on this road trip so close to home.  Just goes to show you that beauty is everywhere if you’ll only open your eyes to it.